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Ski_bootsby Victoria Mashkova - originally published at

This past weekend I discovered something life changing and what everyone probably already knew: ski boots are the most important part of your equipment, and they have to fit perfectly. It cannot be just an o.k. fit or what's worse: I-want-this-boot-because-it-looks-smashing-with-my-skis situation (I know, we've all been there). It has to fit the unique design of your foot and function to suite your skill level. It has to be tight but the right kind of tight to hold your foot in place regardless if you take aggressive turns, knocking it out of the park in the backcountry or spending most of your time on groomers chasing after your kiddo. It should flex when you lean forward and put weight on it, yet provide adequate support so you can trust it will hold when necessary.

Here is how it all started: I bumped into a ski instructor at the SIA Snow Show last weekend and began obsessively asking this poor guy to give me tips on how to better ski moguls - remember, how funny I looked on moguls? He began talking about boots.

- Ok, he must be trying to change the subject, but I am listening. Wait what?!

Turns out you can't ski moguls, in fact, you shouldn't be on the mountain at all if your boot is the wrong size. All kinds of risk of injury if your foot is wobbly in the boot. Yep, that's what mine felt like for whole seven years. And so I went to see the enlightened and the skilled at Christy Sports to find the right boot. One-and-a-half hours later after talking about my skiing abilities, skiing style, trying boots on, walking and flexing my feet, bending my knees, walking more, standing, taking the boots off, putting a different size on and walking again - I mean these guys are serious about ski boots - I found the ones.

So here they are. Shiny bootsthat fit like a glove and feel like I can sleep in them, no really! How do they look with my skis? Smashing! And don't forget, a foot bed that fits your arch is another crucial part. It's worth to do it right. You'll feel you're a reborn skier.

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