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Opening Day In Sight at Loveland

GEORGETOWN, COLORADO – Mother Nature dropped 11 inches of snow over the pre-Halloween weekend at Loveland Ski Area. Temperatures were in the single digits, and the ski area’s snowmakers were hard at work around the clock starting on Friday.

All the snowguns have been relocated from the top of Chet’s Dream and Catwalk to the bottom section of Mambo and Homerun. The Loveland Trail Maintenance crew has been moving the snow around in the snowcats, and the Loveland snowmaking team will cover the opening day run from tree-to-tree with an 18-inch base.

With an anticipated opening date in the next 1–2 weeks, Loveland Ski Area is planning for a full top-to-bottom run made up of the trails Catwalk, Mambo, and Home Run, comprising 1,000 vertical feet and over a mile in length.

For the latest updates on the snowmaking progress and opening day announcements, visit skiloveland.com/snowmaking.