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In Colorado Ski Country USA, the fun isn’t limited to sliding downhill. Many guests enjoy trekking up the ski hill before or after the lifts close. Not only is it great exercise, but the views are incredible. Take time to prepare by considering the following:

  • Some, but not all, ski areas allow uphill access with the use of skins for alpine skis (special equipment added to skis for uphill climbing), splitboarding, snowshoeing, or hiking.
  • The best way to learn more about a ski area’s uphill access is to refer to each resort’s uphill access guidelines. Ski area uphill access policies differ, so be sure to know before you go.
  • Most areas require a separate uphill access ski pass and reflective armband, so be sure understand and adhere to each resort’s uphill access policies.

You can search by which ski areas have uphill access on our home page.