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Ski areas across Colorado and the United States are committed to lift safety and to educating guests about the skills necessary to load, ride, and unload lifts safely.

How to Load

  1. Watch first and ask questions. Ask for help if you need it or for the lift to be slowed down. If you would like the lift slowed or stopped at the top, ask the lift attendant at the bottom of the lift.
  2. Remove pole straps from wrists and hold in one hand when waiting to load. If snowboarding, remember to remove your back foot from the binding.
  3. Line up and get ready at the “Wait Here” line in the snow.
  4. When the group in front of you loads onto their chair, it’s your turn. Move from the “Wait Here” line to the “Load Here” line.
  5. At the “Load Here” line, look back behind you to locate the chair. Sit on the seat when it arrives; it will keep moving. Make sure your bottom and back are fully on the chair: your back on the back rails of the chairlift and your bottom on the chairlift seat.

How to Ride

  1. If the chair has a bar, lower it once you have cleared the lift loading area. If you cannot reach the bar, ask someone else on the lift to lower it. If no one on the lift can safely reach the bar, it’s ok; just sit all the way back in your seat.
  2. Sit back and remain seated the whole time. No horseplay, fidgeting, or turning around. Your #1 job is to remain firmly seated.
  3. If you drop something like a glove or phone, don’t try to reach for it; you can ask the lift attendant at the top for help.
  4. Sometimes the chair will slow or stop. Don’t worry; just remain in your seat.

How to Unload

  1. You’ll see three signs as you approach the unloading area: check for loose clothing, raise the bar, and keep ski tips up.
  2. Check for loose clothing or equipment (such as backpacks) to make sure nothing gets caught on the chair or other passengers.
  3. Raise the bar – If the bar is lowered, raise it when you see the sign on the lift terminal, tell others it is being raised, or ask for help if needed.
  4. Keep tips up – Keep your ski tips or the front of your board up and straight ahead when you see the sign on the lift terminal.
  5. You can wave at the lift attendant as you approach the unload area and motion to slow the chair down if you would like.
  6. Stand upright at the “Unload Here” line in the snow and push off from the chair as you stand up.
  7. Ski or ride down the ramp and clear the area for the next group behind you.
To see how riding a lift looks in the real world, watch this video: