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Freestyle Terrain parks


SMART Park Safety

Terrain Park Safety

There are dozens of terrain parks across Colorado Ski Country USA to enjoy. A terrain park is a designated area with man-made features, such as jumps, rails and boxes to slide across, and halfpipes similar to those used in skateboarding.

Some resorts feature more than one terrain park; they can range in size from small (3–5 park features) to large (20+ features) and in difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Visit Colorado Ski Country USA ski resort websites to learn more about their terrain parks and consider taking a lesson from a professional instructor!

Before using a terrain park, check out SMART style, a terrain park safety initiative highlighting key safety tips you need to know.

Learn More about riding Terrain Park SMART!

Start small – Your eyes may be bigger than your skill level, so start small and build up from there.

Make a plan – There are multiple features and multiple routes to take in a terrain park. Have a plan.

Always look – Before you drop in, always look to see if anyone is in your path.

Respect – Respect the features and respect others using them. It’s as simple as that.

Take it easy – You always want to land on your feet, so take it easy and know your limits.

For more information and education on how you can safely use terrain parks, visit