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Phunkshun Wear: Do Good. Look Good.

How do you wanderlust?

There’s something about an untouched landscape draped in a serene blanket of snow that stirs our souls. The winter wilderness, in particular, offers an escape from civilization, a playground for exploration, a space where we can appreciate nature’s raw beauty.

We’re driven to push boundaries—our own and nature’s—as we navigate the snowy terrain. We go in search of breathtaking vistas. Of the promise of solitude. We go to connect with the elements and to witness the mesmerizing dance of snowflakes. We go to be inspired.

The Art of the Backcountry, a collaboration with Leslie Jorgensen of Leslie Jorgensen Fine Art, is Phunkshun Wear’s inaugural entry in a new, multi-year initiative working with artists to create beautiful, sustainable products.

A portion of the sale of each limited edition Leslie Jorgensen-design will benefit Friends of Colorado Avalanche Information Center.


Check out Phunkshun Wear’s Giving Back program here.