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Cooper - Scott Rappold
Cooper|Chicago Ridge - Scott Rappold 

By R. Scott Rappold

I'm at Cooper Ski Area and frankly I'm scared.

It's an odd sensation up here. This mountain isn't known for difficult terrain. In fact, for 77 of the 78 years it's been in existence, it has offered no runs rated double-black-diamond. 

Amazing views? Wide-open groomed avenues? Affordable prices? A family-friendly vibe? Yes to all of the above, but no true challenging, expert-level terrain.

All that changed a few days before my visit in early January

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20190113 Loveland DustinSchaefer (5) 0
Loveland Ski Area - Dustin Schaeffer 

A great day skiing and riding on the mountain is commonly enjoyed with friends or family, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be. Skiing or riding by yourself can be just as fun and rewarding experience as going with someone else or a group. If the reason you’ve missed out on a few days this year is that you’ve had nobody to go with, consider following some of these pointers I’m going to

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Eldora Nov22 PowderDay TomWinter 021
Eldora Ski Area 

It’s a myth that going skiing and snowboarding in Colorado has to involve an early morning wake-up call and a full day on the mountain. Sure, the 6 a.m. alarm is worth it on some days, like holiday weekends, when there’s fresh powder or new terrain opening. But is it possible to just sleep in on the weekends every once in a while?

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12-13-19   eberry - selects - web-35
Purgatory Resort - Eric Berry 

Here's the thing

There’s no right or wrong time to begin your ski adventures and try to start skiing or snowboarding. Sure, it may be easier to learn when you’re young, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a stab when you’re older. Some of this advice that I’ll be giving will apply to all ages, but this is specifically geared towards college students looking to get up on the mountain and have a good time

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20190304 Loveland DustinSchaefer (3) 0
Loveland Ski Area - Dustin Schaeffer 

Loveland, meh, we'll pass.

My family and I do it nearly every time we drive to our regular Colorado Ski Country resorts, and nearly every time, I gaze out the window, wondering what it would be like to skip the Eisenhower Tunnel land ski there. But before I bring my 6th and 7th-grade 

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12.16.19 Wolf Creek - Rosanne Pitcher
Wolf Creek Ski Area - Roseanne Pitcher

By R. Scott Rappold

Editor's note: Our mountain correspondent and resident ski bum R. Scott Rappold missed several deadlines, did not respond to emails and his voicemail was full. We tracked him down in Steamboat Springs, where he had been sleeping on various sofas since it started snowing in early January, and convinced him to stop skiing long enough to file this report. Numerous threatening references to his editors have been omitted. 

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Copper sugarlips
Suglarlips - Copper Mountain 

Tiny handcrafted donuts, incendiary hot cocoa, and nostalgic candy: Here’s where to get your sugar fix in Aspen, Winter Park and Copper.


Fluffy Pow, Fluffy Pancakes

Some businesses in ski country threaten to shut down on powder days, a boon for their employees. But here’s an even better twist on the eight-inch rule: When it dumps more than eight inches overnight, the 

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Jan 09, 2020 in Copper Mountain

1-19-19 (03) Safety Fest Curtis DeVore copyFlight For Life - Copper Mountain - Curtis DeVore 

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