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Snow 101 A Guide for New Skiers

Colorado Ski Country USA has so much to offer beginning skiers and riders: lots of friendly and approachable terrain, amazing instructors, and plenty of wide-open space to practice your new skills. From renting equipment to booking your first lesson to understanding slope safety, we’ve gathered everything you need to help you get started.


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Tips for

Beginners on the Slopes

Where should I learn to ski or snowboard?

You have so many resorts to choose from as a new skier or rider. Almost every resort has easy runs (they’re marked with a green circle and sometimes called “greens”) to help beginners get comfortable on the slopes. Most areas also offer lessons, which is the best way to make skiing and riding fun and as safe as possible.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve decided where to try skiing or snowboarding, the next step is to get the right equipment and book a lesson. Most resorts offer skiing and snowboarding equipment rentals, and some offer outdoor clothing rentals.

You’ll need to wear layers of warm, outdoor, technical or wool clothing you can put on and take off, depending on the weather. Avoid fabrics made out of cotton. Having the right outdoor gear helps ensure you’re comfortable, no matter the weather.

How can I ski or ride affordably?

A little planning goes a long way in Colorado Ski Country USA. Many resorts offer ticket and lodging packages, along with lesson packages to get you started. The earlier you can plan your trip, the more options you’ll have.

If you’re bringing your elementary school-aged kids along, an amazing option is the kids’ Ski Passport. It’s designed to get kids out on the slopes throughout the state at the lowest possible cost.

If you’re looking for a little adventure and a classic Colorado skiing and riding experience, take a look at the Gems Card. The card lets you choose your discount (BOGO anyone?) for a day on the slopes that’s as fun as it is easy on your wallet.