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It's easy to summarize this season in a word because there's one word that sums up skiing and snowboarding in Colorado: Snow. Until mid December it's all we could think about - we waited, pining for snow, hoping, wishing, and praying for it.

Hollywood turns under the chair at Purgatory

Hollywood turns under the chair at Purgatory

Then it came. And it's still coming. Multiple back-to-back storms have pummeled the state, with just about every ski bum and powder hound in worth their Goretex getting in on the action. What's more is that it looks like there's a lot more snow in the forecast too - my weather report's showing 5 of the next 7 days with a high likelihood of snow. Down here in the southwest corner of the state I couldn't decide where to go first. Usually you just head to whoever has the most powder, but this time well, everyone had great snow. I couldn't decide. I know, total princess problem.

This much snow can be hard to wrap your head around - especially when just about everyone in the state has been blessed. Colorado Ski Country USA has already put together a great poster with all the greatest ski areas in North America, as well as this cup (the video for which got me in big trouble with my girlfriend) but I wanted to take it a step further; I wanted to show the world how much Colorado has in living, moving, real-time video. So... here it is. The [completely not-to-scale, totally unofficial] video guide to the complete awesomeness that is the 2012/2013 ski season in Colorado:

Pretty sweet, huh? As you can see from this highly [un]scientifical survey, the whole state is covered in snow. OK, so my map isn't to scale but you get the idea, we have a ton of snow here in Colorado, and whichever Colorado Ski Resort you're looking to visit is sure to have awesome conditions. Like these:

How deep was it? Belly, belly deep.

How deep was it? Belly, belly deep.

And these:

Big dumps in Colorado

Trees, powder, Sunlight. Sounds epic to me.

Oh, and these:

Small air, big snow.

Small air, big snow.

Now stop reading. Go out there and ski.

-Mountain Correspondent

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