Announcements from Ridgeline and Granby Ranch

Submitted by CSCUSA Staff on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 15:42

As a company we aim to share our passion for the sports of skiing and riding. But we're also an organization fundamentally-biased toward team--and people. 


We wanted to share with you a few new programs coming to the mountain this year. You can check out the press release attached or a video here:


First, this year all active duty military personnel will ski or ride for free with our Patriot Pass. 


Additionally, we're working with the High Fives Foundation and a good buddy of mine Roy Tuscany to welcome the Military to the Mountains program to the slopes for the first time in Colorado. Ten disabled veterans are selected for a 9-week "boot camp" at the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas, where they work to build their physical strength and participate in other clinics built for the mind and soul. This is in anticipation of a final week on the mountain, at Granby Ranch, where they'll get top-notch adaptive ski training from best-in-class instructors.  This portion is slated to take place here in Granby late March. For more information, take a look at ESPN's feature story.


Thanks for giving a read, and ahead of Veterans Day please make sure to give a vet you may know a (socially-distanced) high five.


Ridgeline Executive Group

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