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2023–24 Gems Parent Pass Terms & Conditions

The 2023–24 Colorado Gems Parent Pass provides each passholder with a non-transferable, non-refundable pass that entitles the passholder to whom a Gems Parent Pass is issued to obtain lift tickets, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, at participating Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) Gems member resorts during the 2023–24 season. All CSCUSA participating resorts reserve the right to withdraw from the program at any time and to restrict or prohibit lift tickets obtained using the Gems Parent Pass. Gems Parent Pass cannot be used in conjunction with other resort offers and may be prohibited from being used by participants in special events, races, or competitions of any kind. The following CSCUSA Gems resorts are participating in the Gems Parent Pass for the 2023–24 season:

  • Arapahoe Basin
  • Cooper
  • Echo Mountain
  • Eldora
  • Granby Ranch
  • Hesperus
  • Loveland Ski Area
  • Monarch Mountain
  • Powderhorn
  • Purgatory
  • Sunlight

The Gems Parent Pass is valid at participating CSCUSA Gems member resorts during the 2023–24 ski season. The Gems Parent Pass may be used to obtain no more than two (2) days of tickets at each participating CSCUSA resort during the winter season. The Gems Parent Pass is not valid December 25, 2023–January 1, 2024; January 13, 2024–January 14, 2024; and February 17, 2024–February 18, 2024, and is subject to additional blackout dates, opening and closing dates, and operational limitations. Late season opening, mid-season, and/or early season closing do not warrant refunds or transfers.

It is a violation of Colorado law to resell lift tickets. CSCUSA will immediately revoke a Gems Parent Pass if the passholder transfers use of the Gems Parent Pass, or of any lift ticket obtained with the Gems Parent Pass, to another person for monetary consideration or otherwise.

Many CSCUSA member ski areas are now requiring or allowing advance online purchase of day lift tickets. Gems Parent Pass holders should check their Pass Portal for specific instructions about which Gems ski areas accept or require advance purchase of tickets using the Gems Parent Pass. At ski areas not accepting or requiring advance purchase of tickets using the Gems Parent Pass, the Gems Parent Pass holder must appear at the lift ticket window each time the Gems Parent Pass holder wishes to obtain a lift ticket. When appearing at the ticket window, the Gems Parent Pass holder must present a 2023–24 Gems Parent Pass validation email to the lift ticket office on the day of purchase. The lift ticket offices must be able to verify passholder identity and that resort visits are available on the holder’s Gems Parent Pass before issuing a lift ticket. One ticket may be obtained per day.

Gems Parent Pass holders are responsible for proper use of the pass at all times. CSCUSA will revoke and cancel a Gems Parent Pass without notice for any misuse. In the event of pass misuse and cancellation, CSCUSA may recover damages to CSCUSA and/or to participating CSCUSA member resorts arising from pass misuse, including reasonable attorney’s fees. CSCUSA reserves the right to modify or cancel the pass program at any time and to modify or cancel all Gems Parent Passes at any time with or without notice. CSCUSA is not responsible for expenses incurred or opportunities foregone by Gems Parent Pass holders if CSCUSA modifies or cancels the program. All Gems Parent Pass holders agree to comply with all rules of participating CSCUSA member resorts and with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Colorado Ski Safety Act. All information provided in the purchase becomes the property of CSCUSA and may be used by CSCUSA and its member resorts for verification, marketing, or research purposes.

The undersigned purchaser(s) (“purchasers”) for the Gems Parent Pass agree that they have read, understand, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions which are incorporated herein by reference. The undersigned acknowledge and understand that the purchasers and any additional participants who gain lift ticket access with the purchaser, as a “skier,” ASSUMES THE RISK of the dangers and conditions which are part of the sport of skiing under Colorado Law. Purchasers acknowledge that falls and collisions occur, and injuries or death may result from participation in the sport of skiing. Purchasers hereby ASSUME ALL RISKS associated with the passholder’s participation in the Program, known or unknown, inherent or otherwise, including but not limited to, injury and/or death to the passholder and guest, and HEREBY RELEASE CSCUSA, its participating member resorts, Program partners and sponsors, respective subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents (the “Released Parties”) from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY and/or claims that the undersigned Purchasers or other participants may be entitled to bring that arise from the purchaser’s participation in the Program, including claims based on NEGLIGENCE OR BREACH OF WARRANTY. The Purchasers AGREE TO INDEMNIFY and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all claims of the passholder or additional participants arising in whole or in part from the Purchaser’s participation in the Program. In consideration for participation in the Program, the Purchaser agree that all claims for injury and/or death arising from the Purchaser or additional participants participation in the program shall be governed by the law of the State of Colorado, and exclusive jurisdiction of any claim shall be in the State or Federal Courts of the State of Colorado.

I am agreeing to the terms of the above assumption of risk and release of liability agreement on behalf of myself, additional participants who gained lift ticket access with the purchaser’s Gems Parent Pass, and anyone else who may make a claim on behalf of the purchaser. I have read this agreement carefully; I fully understand its contents, and I voluntarily agree to its terms.