Climate Change: CSCUSA Policy

Like many industries around the world, Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) and its member ski areas recognize the need to address climate change at the local, state and federal level.

Many CSCUSA ski areas have already made efforts to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and made significant commitments to reduce carbon emissions from their operations. CSCUSA and members will continue to advocate for policies and incentives that will reduce carbon emissions broadly and help individual ski areas meet their carbon reduction goals.

CSCUSA work includes:

  • Advocating at the state and federal level for policies to combat and mitigate climate change including expanding renewable energy, reducing emissions from the transportation sector and incentives for businesses to meet their own goals.
  • To raise awareness of the impacts of climate change to the ski industry, the skiing and snowboarding experience and winter tourism.
  • To continue ski industry efforts to reduce our own carbon emissions.
  • To encourage others to take action and address climate change.


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