Climate Change: CSCUSA Policy

Like many ski areas around the world, Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) resorts recognize the need to address climate change.

While resorts themselves are not a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we believe that the long term global affects of climate change on our beloved sports of skiing and snowboarding, and our weather dependent industry, could be significant and could change the winter recreation experience as we know it today.

Many CSCUSA resorts have already made efforts to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and conduct business in a more sustainable way. By adopting this policy, we will work together with our members to address some of the challenges climate change presents.  

Our goals with this policy include:

  • To raise awareness of what climate change could do to the skiing and snowboarding experience, ski resort business and the winter recreation business.
  • To continue ski industry efforts to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To encourage others to take action and address climate change.

CSCUSA wants to keep the environment and the economy healthy. We want to shrink energy costs while growing our country’s energy independence, and we are committed to finding a means to this end. 


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