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The calendar says winter begins Dec. 21st, but it rolled in this past week at Wolf Creek. The medium-sized family-owned ski area in southwestern Colorado might not offer the glitz and glamour of its mega-resort brethren, but its definitely near the top of the heap when it comes to snow.

Because of its location at the junction of two branches of the San Juan Mountains, Wolf Creek often gets the highest snowfall total of any of resort in the state, averaging a whopping 465 inches per year. Last year it all went out the window when more than 600 inches fell on its slopes. (Thats 50 feet of snow, if youre doing the math!)

When snowstorms swirl through southwestern Colorado, Wolf usually gets hammered with big dumps. Like this week, when the resort picked up 36

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Dec 15, 2008 in

With almost every resort officially open for the 2008-2009 season and copious amounts of snow falling, heres a list of some of the tasty new treats on the menu in Colorado to whet your appetite this winter.

1. The latest accoutrement in the transformation of Winter Park is the eight-passenger Village Cabriolet lift that will shuttle 2,800 skiers and snowboarders per hour from the free parking lots at the Vintage Hotel to the base of the new resorts new village.

What you need to know: It saves the long and sometimes slippery walk in ski boots from the car. (Cmon, weve all yard-saled in the parking lot before, even if we dont like to admit it.) Now why cant DIA install one of these to its remote parking lots?

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Nov 14, 2008 in

Arapahoe Basin will be opening The Molly Hogan Learning Area this Saturday, November 15. The Molly Hogan Chairlift will open at 9:00 am on Saturday morning. This means Snowsports Lessons for all levels will begin on Saturday as well. So call now to book your lessons, they will fill up quickly! For lesson information or to book a lesson, call 1-888-ARAPAHOE.

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In case you were stuck behind your desk all day (or living somewhere other than Colorado) and didn't see the local news or check the Colorado snow report, it's been dumping in the mountains! Loveland and A-Basin both have a new foot of snow, and that means early season skiing and riding is just getting better. It also means new terrain will be opening at each of those areas soon. And if it keeps up, more resorts could be firing up their lifts sooner than their anticipated mid-November opening days. (Copper Mountain and Wolf Creek are almost ready!)

If nothing else, it could solve your dilemma about your Halloween costume, right? You can play hooky from work/school/whatever on Friday, get some turns in and keep your snow gear on for trick-or-treating and other types of frivolous

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Oct 20, 2008 in

Loveland and A-Basin have been open for almost a week. Yes, there's limited terrain, but this week's cold weather means more snow is on the way. Here are 10 reasons to get your gear together and head up for a day (or even a half-day) of skiing or riding:

10Because if you wait until December, youll wish youd gone earlier. (Trust us on this one.)

9If you start now, you can ski or ride yourself into shape. (Of course, making regular trips to the gym, going trail running a few times a week and laying off the donuts also helps.)

8You dont really need to rake those leaves and the really important football games dont begin until December anyway.

7The conditions are actually pretty good for October. Seriously. Plenty of coverage, no rocks, and lots of

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So I decided at the late Saturday night to zip up to Loveland for a few turns on Sunday morning. (That's Day 2 for me, if you're counting at home.) After sleeping in (you can do that in October and no worry about ski traffic), I picked up a friend, stopped for bagels and coffee and cruised up to Loveland. We buzzed the groomed terrain on the Catwalk, Mambo and Home Run trails, all the while looking toward the top of the mountain and thinking about a day later this winter when well ski the copious amounts of deep powder off of Chair 9.

We stayed long enough to get our fix, then returned back to the Front Range for an afternoon of yard work and NFL football. With two days under my belt in the first week, Im itching for the big snow that will start falling soon. Cold

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When Arapahoe Basin opened for the 2008-2009 season at 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 15, the first seat on the Challenger chair lift was wrapped in a blue blow and dedicated to Edna Dercum, one of the founding members of A-Basin back in 1946. Dercum passed away in September at the age of 94, after spending much of her life skiing in Colorado.

Her husband Max Dercum, was on hand for the event. He smiled and acknowledged the honor, knowing the Edna would be smiling at the notion of another season of skiing in Colorado.

For more about Max and Edna Dercum, read this story by Steve Lipsher.

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Its 5:45 a.m. when I finish loading my car and pull out of my driveway in Boulder. The sky is dark but there is an ambient glow from the brilliant full moon hovering overhead.

I remind my drowsy self that I could easily sleep for another hour before starting what might be a typical work day.

But its Opening Day at Arapahoe Basin and Loveland and, while Im not a zealot who has any intention of getting on one of the first few chairs of the season, Im super-stoked about skiing for the first time since last March. More on that in a moment

Skiing in October is a Colorado phenomenon and a rite of passage for many of the diehards who live here. Typically, those two resorts will turn on the snow guns in late September and by mid-October open one, maybe two

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In most places, the middle of October means baseball playoffs, football games and colored leaves fall from trees. But in Colorado it means the start of the ski and snowboard season. And today was Opening Day, baby!

Skiing in October is a Colorado phenomenon and a rite of passage for many of the diehards who live here. If you just couldnt wait to break in your shiny new season pass or new gear or whatever, it meant you either called in sick, showed up late or just plain blew off work, school, family and various other responsibilities in order to get back on snow. A-Basin and Loveland opened at 8:30 a.m. with throngs of skiers and snowboarders eager to make some turns.

Snowboarder Forrest Williams and skiers Luca Baccega and Jeremy Parsons were the first ones in

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Oct 06, 2008 in

Let the race begin! With the 2008-09 ski season just around the corner here in Colorado both Loveland Ski Area and Arapahoe Basin are well on their way to starting off the season with a bang. Both resorts have begun snowmaking in preparation to be the first ski resort open in the state of Colorado, and in the nation. We are getting excited to start cruising down the slopes again, and we've got out skis waxed up and ready for their first taste of snow for the new season.

As we look forward to the start of the new season it time we start getting all our plans in order for yet another amazing winter in Colorado.

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