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Win A FREE Pair of Skis! #AMountainForEveryone

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Loveland Ski Area – Casey Day 

The recent snow has us feeling some sort of way here at Colorado Ski Country USA. We think that everyone should have the chance to get up to the mountains and enjoy some skiing! 


From now through the end of February, whenever you post a picture from a Colorado Ski Country member resort, use the hashtag #AMountainForEveryone ( A Mountain For Everyone) for a chance to win a free pair of men’s skis, women’s skis OR kid’s skis. Only one (1) pair of skis will be handed out. 

It’s as simple as just posting a picture and using our hashtag.

Choosing A Winner

At the end of February, the staff from Colorado Ski Country USA will each pick their favorite photo (5 photos will be chosen) from the submissions we receive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we will then post each photo separately on each of our social media platforms. Whichever photo accumulates the most ‘likes’ across all of our social platforms combined after one week’s time (7 days) will be the winner of whichever pair of skis they want! So be creative with your photos, capture the great views, the steep angles, the big smiles, the blue skies, whatever you think will capture our attention. 


Be sure that we can access your account so that we can send you a message. Those with private accounts may not be able to be reached by us when we try to slide into your DM’s to give you a free pair of skis. You will have three (3) days to respond to our message or else the photo will the next most likes will be chosen.