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Why You Need to be in the Mountains This Weekend


It’s Spring in Colorado! Well, most of Colorado is experiencing the Spring-like temperatures and thanks to an awesome winter season, the high country is still very nicely insulated temperature wise, with a thick snowpack above and around the tree line. With the view of the beautiful mountains in constant sight from anywhere in the Centennial State, we’re setting out to find the best place to go adventuring this weekend! 


Of course, all year round you can find amazing things to do up in the high country but right now is special. From hiking to biking to taking a nice drive through the fresh spring blossoms to enjoying a cocktail while you soak up that wonderful Colorado sunshine, it is all right at your fingertips or more appropriately, at your feet. 

This time of the year seems to be very underrated though. Right now, Coloradans refer to the time between ski season and summer season as ‘mud season.’ Mud season takes on many different names across the state. Some call is ‘Bargain Season.’ Some call it ‘The Secret Season.’ No matter which way you put it, it’s worth exploring and enjoying! 


Mud season not only is a reference to the dirt that you may get on you while you hike, bike or camp but it also is a reference to all of the deals that you can get! Many of the Ski areas that are now closed for the winter season still offer plenty of lodging and shopping options and with the lack of people flocking to the mountains this time of the year, you’ll be doing it with a sense of ease and calmness and you won’t be breaking the bank. 


Knowing that this is a quieter time of the year, many ski areas offer discounts on lodging, discounts on food and drinks and discounts on some of your favorite winter gear.

The summer season for many of our member ski areas does not officially start until Memorial Day weekend and that’s why we think this weekend will be perfect to enjoy some alone time and solitude. With that said, big events are scheduled for Memorial Day weekend which means you may have to make the short trip to your favorite ski town two weekends in a row.