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Unforgettable: Heli-boarding at Silverton

To wet your appetite for the 2014-15 ski season, we’re re-publishing a video from our intrepid Mountain Correspondent about the fun you can have at Silverton Mountain when you swap a chairlift for a helicopter.

Silverton Mountain Silverton Mountain

It would be hard to beat a perfect day snowboarding down endless fields of powdery blissunless, of course, you arrive by HELICOPTER! Goodbye chairlift lines, hello heli! Tucked away in the majestic San Juan Mountains, Silverton Mountain offers a wonderful guided backcountry experience all within the confines of resort boundaries. Its not for everyone, but for anyone whos very capable on skis or a board and looking for an adventure, Silverton takes it to the next level.They promise run after run of advanced and expert terrain, steep vertical drops and an annual average snowfall of 400+ inches! That said, you sure do earn your turns. There is only one chairlift, so be prepared to hike in high altitude, knowing your tuckered out self will have a good rest the night after.

There are very limited facilities, so be prepared to pack a lunch and on occasion, leave yellow snow. Of course, this is all part of the true adventure of Silverton, and I wouldnt have it any other way. Where else can you ride in a helicopter, UPS truck, and prison bus, all in the same day? Be sure to check out my Silverton experience heliboarding and be warned, you may find yourself booking your next trip right away.

Silverton Heliboarding from Colorado Ski Country USA on Vimeo.