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Top Ten Things to do in Durango this Summer (Part One)

Summer in Durango began with the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, when Durango Mountain Resort reopened with the Alpine Slide, zipline, climbing wall, mountain biking, digglers (a cross between a skateboard and mountain bike), and numerous other activities for families to enjoy together. It means their 2nd busy season has commenced (the other is winter).

Durango Mountain Resort_James Bunten

Durango Mountain Resort_James Bunten

Regardless of your interests, there is more to do in Durango in the summer months than any other time of year. Its simply a great time of year, and the reason most residents choose to live in the area. Of course, its nice that winter has ample recreational opportunities. But in honor of the first weekend of summer, we thought wed put a little list together of the things those in Durango enjoy, starting with numbers 10 through 7 in a two-part series.

Durango Mountain Resort_James Bunten

Durango Mountain Resort_James Bunten

10. A bicycle ride through the Animas Valley. The locals call it the loop, and its a wonderful combination of old county roads that bypass the major highway the leads north out of Durango through the Animas River Valley. A favorite way to ride it is to start north on CR 203 in the morning sun and connect to CR 250 with a short stint on US 550. Then you head back into Durango knowing that the bakery called Bread awaits at the end of the ride. Youve earned that oatmeal cookie and it may be the best youll ever have.

9. Fishing at Andrews Lake. This little mountain lake sits near the top of Molas pass north of Purgatory. The setting is truly one of the most expansive and gorgeous of its kind and its easy to get to right off the highway. Its been outfitted with a nice little dock and sidewalk on one side of the lake which makes access for the less ambulatory among us really great. Fishing is often quite good, but with this breathtaking setting, who really cares if you catch a fish? Bring a cooler of something nice to sip on, a good book, and some sunscreen. You might not leave until the sun starts to set behind the stunning peaks.

8. Schoolhouse for Pizza and Ska Pinstripe Ale. The Olde Schoolhouse is a Durango mountain institution of higher learning about local color. Cast your inhibitions aside ye who enter there. It too may not be for the novice, but we wouldnt feel like summer was complete without several trips to School. Of course, its just down the road from our office, which makes it much harder on us. They have local food of such tremendous magic and care, local beer, and local hijinks.

7. A round of golf at The Glacier Club. This is one of the finest mountain golf courses in the world, and only about eight miles from Purgatory. The scenery is so breathtaking on the course, that youll hardly mind the difficulty, and your balls travel farther at altitude which makes lowlanders feel like their driver suddenly picked up some power.

Sure there are other more well-known Durango attractions, not least among them being the narrow gauge train, or historic downtown, or rafting the Animas etc. We hope the above list just adds to the great diversity of your Durango experience. Many are so enamored with Durango, winter and summer, that they may want to consider owning their own resort home here. Here are some of the Top 10 Resort Properties.

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The Summit Priced at $1,495,000

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For information on these and other premier mountain residences contact the resort experts at Durango Mountain Realty a or 800.693.2399.