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Tips for Spring Skiing

Larry Pierce, Steamboat Larry Pierce, Steamboat

This blog post comes to CSCUSA from Amber Johnson, editor of MileHighMamas.

Ill admit it: I wasnt a fan of Spring Skiing until recently. I had previously viewed it as a hot, slushy mess but at the end of last season, I looked at the bluebird sky, basked in the balmy temperatures, sailed down the mountain in my t-shirt (sorry, no bikinis here) and thought, How have I missed out on this all these years?

Spring on the slopes is a non-stop party as temperatures and people thaw. If that is not enough of a draw, here are some tips for making the most of your spring skiing experience.

1). Sunscreen. If you werent slathering your sun protection on your face before, do it now. The sun is exponentially more intense and if youre like me, your winter tan a.k.a. bone-white skin is highly susceptible to burning.

2) Layers. Ill admit it: I packed for my spring ski trip the same way I would have in the dead of winter with long johns and my warm clothing. Ditch the heavy stuff but keep in mind its still chilly in the morning. By afternoon, youll be removing most of it.

3) Hydrate. Between the blazing sun, the altitude and the dry air, youll be surprised how quickly you fall victim to dehydration.

4) Gotta wear shades. For me, my goggles get waaaay too hot in the spring. Whether you stick with them or opt for sunglasses, remember your eyes need to be more protected than ever out there.

5) Change your skiing style. The snow is heavier in the spring so keep your weight more balanced on each foot. Dont push through the snow and instead slice through it like a knife. Be sure to go a bit faster so you dont get weighed down.

6) Speaking of skis, make they are tuned correctly. A warmer-temperature wax will keep your skis from sticking to the snow.

7) Here comes the sun. We worship the sun during spring skiing so be sure to follow it around the mountain. The best runs have full sun exposure to soften up the slopes for epic carving conditions.