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The Spoke Word on Bike SolVista

The Spoke Word on Bike SolVista – Summer is here and all the snow that was covering SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch has melted revealing a very different side of the family owned and operated ski resort. The sweet, peaceful ski area has transformed into a gnarly mountain bike course for a second year of hosting the Mountain Bike National Championships from July 15 to 18.

Even while the ski resort was still coated in pure powder, plans were being drawn for the chaos to come. The event marks the second year that the championships will be held in Colorado, all thanks to SolVista Bike Park. Just three years old, the thrilling park at Granby Ranch has been constructed to be an extensive downhill trail network that provides trails varying in difficulty, making it perfect for all levels of bike rider. Over the past year, Granby Ranch has partnered with Momentum Trail Concepts and added even more new jumps and hardcore terrain features.


And the best news is you dont have to be an avid mountain bike rider to enjoy the event. Plenty of little skiers will become little bikers this summer, with some children as young as 10 years old tearing it up in the junior division. Meanwhile, avid Colorado skiers and riders of all ages will trade in their snow gear for mountain bikes and begin tackling the course that has been hiding under the snow they enjoyed all winter long.


The fact that the event is free for spectators doesn’t help tame the excited madness. Last year, thousands of people turned up at the base of SolVista Mountain to watch the races, bringing their tents and family members along with them. The scene is certainly a change from the tranquil ski getaway people are used to finding at Granby Ranch’s SolVista Basin. With loud, cheering crowds and bikes whizzing over bumpy terrain, the National Mountain Bike Championships will be anything but tranquil.


Because the event was so popular in its first year, Granby Ranch has been working hard to make the 2010 competition even more intense, by revamping their trails and moving some competition events closer to the base of the mountain. The championships are the largest event in all of Grand County, bringing in tons of revenue and drawing many people to the area for the first time. Beyond skiing and mountain biking, anyone visiting Granby Ranch is able to try a variety of other outdoor activities, such as golfing, fishing and hiking.

Clearly, there is always more than what meets the eye at Granby Ranch.