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Take a ride on Sunlight’s new Pink Chair

Grab your favorite pink tutu and come enjoy a cool ride on Sunlight’s new Pink Chair compliments of 6-year-old Sunlight Mini-Mayor Colby Rogers. 

Sunlight Mini Mayor

In January Mini-Mayor Colby, of Rifle, Colo., successfully passed the Pink Chair Act, establishing that the first chair of Sunlight’s beginner chairlift be painted pink. 

Colby says:  “The pink chairlift is important because it’s pretty and pink makes people happy.”

Colby’s campaign manager and mom says, “It was important that the lift got painted because it made Colby take initiative and ask for what she wanted. She had to make a speech to the General Manager and write it down so she wouldn’t forget it. It also showed that Sunlight does listen to all ages of customers who use the mountain. It’s been an adventure getting a pink chairlift but worth every moment. And from what I have heard from people on and off the mountain, people love it. And they love that Sunlight would support a young girl’s dream.”

Sunlight has held its Mini-Mayor Election for the past three years. All kids 12 and under can run for office. This fall Mini-Mayor Colby won her re-election campaign with more than 100,000 votes cast. Sunlight Mini-Mayor is entitled to a free season pass, a new pair of skis or snowboard (think Air Force One) and a seat at Sunlight’s Executive Table.

Campaigning for Mini-Mayor 2019 begins Oct. 1, 2019. Launch your campaign at