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Sustainability: Arapahoe Basin by the numbers

We all love the environment. Especially here in Colorado. We play in it every single day! So when our member ski resorts take measures to help sustain the environment, we take notice and we applaud their work. 

This year Arapahoe Basin has been making strides to be more environmentally friendly and they have been doing a great job. Take a look at this as we break down the numbers. 

          – The amount of recyclable waste that was properly disposed of exceeded 75,000 pounds
          – The amount of glass that was disposed of properly was just under 25,000 pounds.
          – The amount of food that was compostable topped 47,000 pounds.
          – Over 100,000 pieces of plastic wrappers and snack bags were collected.
          – Since the installation of their bottle filling stations, more than 69,000 plastic water bottles were saved.


That’s something to cheer about. What else? The fact that A-Basin has a plan to become Carbon Neutral by 2025 proves that they are doing great things. 

As stewards of an exceptional mountain environment, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is committed to providing quality outdoor recreation experiences. The staff and guests realize Arapahoe Basin is a priceless natural treasure. They strive to continually improve our environmental performance in order to provide enjoyment of Arapahoe Basin for future generations of snow and mountain enthusiasts.

We have the power to save the powder! By conserving and limiting our resource use, protecting our spectacular natural surroundings, and working hard to educate our guests and staff alike, A-Basin is finding ways to walk lighter on the planet – even in our ski and snowboard boots! 

Check out Arapahoe Basin’s Sustainability Sunday vide series here