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Sunday Funday Quiz: Know Your Snow

Most of us think we know our snow. We know what kind makes a good snowball. We know what kind we like to ski. We know not to eat it if it’s yellow. But even if you know our snow, do we know how deep it is, just from a photo? Well Colorado Ski Country USA is testing how well you Know Your Snow with a little quiz!

The rules: Look at the photo below. 4 Colorado ski resorts are represented, each with a photo from a recent powder day. Your job is to guess how deep the snow is, just from the photo. And no cheating – anyone caught looking at snow reports on resorts’ websites with be forced to ski the rest of the season on snowlerblades. Consider yourself warned.

If you think you know one, or more of the answers, post it on our Facebook page. The correct Answer will be posted at an undisclosed time in the future, most likely tonight when my plane lands. First one with the correct answer wins ultimate bragging rights, and gets to keep their dignity through another snowlerblade-free ski season. Good luck!

Post Your Guesses:

Post Your Guesses:

Remember, just like you can’t ski without a lift ticket, you can’t win unless you play. Post your best guess on our Facebook Page and hold your breath for an undisclosed amount of time until entries are tallied and answers are posted. Good Luck!


Okay, sports fans. If you missed out on the Sunday Funday Quiz, you’ve officially missed your chance at everlasting glory. The results are in, and here they are:

Sunday Funday Quiz Answers

Thanks for playing! Now get out there and ski!

-Mountain Correspondent