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Stocking-Stuffers for skiers & snowboarders

Need a last-minute gift for a skier or snowboarder this holiday season? Of course you do! Colorado Ski Country USA has got you covered with all sorts of gift ideas for snowsports fans out there. Introducing the ultimate gift: The Colorado Ski Country Travel Mug.

I personally love my mug for three reasons:

1) It helps me maintain a slightly unhealthy coffee intake – a caffeinated skier is a happy skier.

2) It’s a great conversation-starter. People love to ask me about the resorts I’ve skied, talk about their favorite ski areas and resorts in Colorado, or tell me about the time they ate oysters at Arapahoe Basin.

3) See #1 above.

There are a whole bunch of other great gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders at Colorado Ski Country USA’s online store. Happy shopping, see you on the slopes!

John Trousdale, Mountain Correspondent, Colorado Ski Country USA