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Steamboat Check List

Sometimes it all just comes together. The stars align and things work out better than I could have planned. This is exactly what happened in Steamboat.

We skied with the kids on the first day and saw….real wildlife. Spotted a Ptarmigan in the tree (educational moment-CHECK!).
We skied around with the kids and their favorite place is Rough Rider Basin. A poma lift sweeps kids one at a time up to the top of rolling hills, side trails, and whoop-di-doos. ‘Course on the way down the kids had to stop and explore the tee-pee (kid-tiring activity-CHECK!).

I stopped in the ticket office and saw the lift ticket nation.

Next day we wok up to 15″ of fresh snow and, as luck would have it, the kids had reservations to be in ski school (ski powder-CHECK!). With Braedon and Georgia occupied for the day, Josh and I played in the powder like a couple of kids in a candy store. We skied all over the mountain, took pictures and made cheesy little videos of each other. (giddy powder induced immature behavior-CHECK!) We skied ourselves silly and limped back to the lodge.

We finished off the trip with a fun Super Bowl party – Nelson Carmichael was there – which Braedon went to dressed in full cowboy garb (Out of place costume wearing opportunity-CHECK!).