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Spring Skiing Parties: Flare Fashion Guide


The wacky, the weird, the T-rex

Colorado Ski Country is really something special. Between the light, fluffy powder, the comradery, the après life, and the incredible terrain, we have a lot to offer. Another fun perk of skiing in Colorado is the spring season, specifically the fun, wacky, colorful tradition of slope-side celebrations. This then begs the question of what appropriate attire might be for such to-dos on the ‘beaches’ of various Colorado resorts. 

As a general outline, not many items are forbidden. Flare, as festive and colorful as possible, is usually more akin to summer Halloween wear than anything else. Many people opt for the traditional and easily donned onesie. This explains why you might see so many dragons, care bears, sloths, and other furry creatures on the slopes in the spring. The crazier the better at spring beach parties!


Otherwise, aim for neon and patterns, tutus and beer helmets, sparkles and boas, anything your heart desires. Matching is a non-issue in times like these! It’s never a bad idea to include a bathing suit beneath your flare, for pond skimming is a favorite spring beach activity and I can guarantee with near-certainty that you will be getting wet (unless you do the undoable and make it across, of course, in which case I hope you have a golden swimsuit or something similar that fits the occasion).


Arapahoe Basin has a busy and plentiful spring party season. Those parking spots at the base that usually boast grills and a fun time are called ‘The Beach,’ and people can pay to reserve a space all year, though they become particularly popular in the spring season. Check A Basin’s website before committing to the fee, because there are a few regulations to uphold, lest you lose your prime and hard-won real estate. There is a “Beach N’ Egg Hunt” event scheduled for the end of this month, on the 31st, with many other fun beach-related spring events coming up in April. Check out to view their full schedule.

Regardless of the mountain, the snow, or the attire, spring skiing is arguably some of the best, even if slush isn’t necessarily your thing. Break out that flare box from college, and flare up! We’ll see you out there.