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Spring Break at Loveland

This blog comes to Colorado Ski Country from Pietro Simonetti of Good Ski Guide.

With so many distractions in March: the NCAA tournament, St. Patricks falling on a Saturday this year, and the early opening of many golf courses due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, it would have been easy to forget about spring skiing, but that was not the case for me. Spring skiing is one of my favorite times of the year, and Loveland was just the perfect resort to hit before we close off another glorious ski year. What you lack in powder in the spring, you gain in several other categories. Let me explain what I mean in my personal top ten reasons why spring skiing is still the best.



Spring factor # 1: there is very little traffic on I-70 as you drive up on a weekend morning. What a relief!

Spring factor #2: you can arrive at the resorts parking lot at 10:00 in the morning and still find plenty of space.

Spring factor #3: there is no line at the ticket window to pick up your daily ski pass. You walk in, pick your ticket and walk out all in one movement.

Spring factor #4: in general it is rare to find people waiting to board a chairlift in a Colorado ski resort, but in spring time, that is never a possibility.

Spring factor #5: the temperatures are so warm that you ski in a vest and a T-shirt. The sun feels great as you get a tan on your way up the chairlift.



Spring factor #6: the snow in mid-morning is soft enough to still enjoy some great skiing. Its cruising paradise.

Spring factor #7: after a couple of hours of morning skiing, its time to check out the bar and restaurant scene at the base of the mountain. Everyone is in party mode. The music is loud, grills are cooking full speed. You can see that people are having a grand time. Its easy to be swept in.

Spring factor #8: companies are making one last effort to promote their products. From Nordica letting you try their demo skis, to Subaru giving away great prizes, this is the time to feel lucky and maybe pick up some unexpected gifts.



Spring factor # 9: you leave the ski resort in early afternoon and you dont have to worry about taking your vehicle to the nearest car wash. No magnesium chloride on the roads this time of the year.

Spring factor #10: at the end of the day, you have not missed anything at all. Thanks to the longer days, you can still enjoy a short round of golf down in Denver and watch plenty of NCAA games at night. So why limit yourself?