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Snow: Not the Only Thing Falling

Ski season’s in full swing in Colorado Ski Country USA. Yes, we had a slow start, but it’s really turning around; every single one of our resorts and ski areas got dumped on at some point over the past week. That’s huge! In my neck of the wods, it loked like it was snowing potato chips at one point. And while it’s NOT Colorado’s first snow, I think that the calming melodies of the good Hank Williams Sr. sum this up:

And while there’s been plenty of snow falling, there’s been something else falling on the slopes in Colorado: us. Falling is part of skiing, and while the twitter-verse and face-spaces are full of photos of all the glorious powder falling in Colorado, I thought I’d change it up a bit with some photos of crashes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Augerfest, February 2013. Enjoy!

The first entry comes from Copper Mountain. Early morning powder plus photoshoot plus a hidden “snowsnake” equals:

tumbling in the powder

Augerfest entry #1: Copper Mountain

Our next entry is less augerfest and more auger-aftermath. Either way it looks like fun following some fresh snow in Granby Ranch. We were out shooting photos early in the morning on a run that hadn’t been skied for a while, and I guess it was deeper than our posse thought.

Augering and the people it touches. In Granby Ranch.

Augering and the lives it touches. In Granby Ranch.

One of my personal favorites from last year came from a young grommet at Eldora. This Auger, complete with somersault, laughter, exclamation of “That was awesome!” pretty much sums up the spirit of skiing in my mind. Also, I find dad’s reaction heartening. When many parents would be thinking “Gasp! My poor daughter! I hope she’s OK!”, super-ski-dad just laughs. Classic. Auger #3:

And rounding out today’s presentation is a primo wreck captured at Steamboat during their Winter Carnival. This kid got totally owned, but gets huge props for getting back up, dusting himself off, and giving it another go. For the record, round two went much more smoothly.

The snow is falling hard in Colorado Ski Country USA, and sometimes, so are we.

-Mountain Correspondent.