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Skijoring with Kids @ Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

Few towns are as snow-crazy as Steamboat Springs, CO. I knew this before heading up to the Winter Carnival last year, but I had NO IDEA to the degree this town loves its snow. Skiing is like a religion here, one which it indoctrinated its kids annually. The chosen method of indoctrination? Winter Carnival SkiJoring.

Kids Skijoring SteamboatNot too many towns will close down the main drag, truck in tons of snow, and spend a whole day dragging their kids around town behind horses. Whether you’ve got a grommet of your own, or you’re just there to spectate, the Steamboat Skijoring is not to be missed.

Town is packed, and it’s 10-deep on either side of the road. Being the Mountain Correspondent, I had the privilege of hopping the fence and checking out the antics from inside. No wonder this town cranks out Olympians – they start ’em out like this:

Steamboat Skijoring

There are tons of other great events each year at the Steamboat Winter Carnival, and this is the 100th year. I highly, highly suggest you check it out. All skiers worth theri salt should head to Steamboat for this. It’s the hundredth year, and it’s gonna be huge.

-Mountain Correspondent