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A Skiers Vow: Every Ski Day is a Good Ski Day

Segal_Chris_rockjumpskis Photo by Chris Segal, Crested Butte Mountain Resort

By James Lummis

As I prepare for the upcoming ski season I am taking a vow declaring that Every Ski Day is a Good Ski Day. No longer am I going to let having fun take the back seat.

A Western Slope skier, there should be no shortage of fun in my life. I get great powder days at Powderhorn, incredible diversity of terrain at Aspen/Snowmass, and laps on the North Face T-bar at Crested Butte.But even on the best days, I dont always put aside other obligations. With a computer in my pocket, I find myself working on lifts, cringing when the phone rings and generally distracted, thinking about work when I should be lost in the joy of perfect turns. Even when I turn off my phone, Ive let less than pristine conditions, or less than 100% open terrain, diminish my day.

No more! Having taken the vow – Every Ski Day is a Good Ski Day I am committed: committed to enjoying the process of getting to the resort, getting on the hill and most importantly have a good day ripping with friends and family.Instead of complaining about limited early season runs, my new attitude is so what if there only a few runs are open? I am skiing.

Nor will I complain about dings and scratches on my skis. Sometimes the conditions arent perfect and my skis may need some TLC. No problem, I will tell myself. It was worth the ski day and now I get to go to my favorite ski shop, hang with passionate skiers, enjoy their company and have a beer after they fix my ski.As for early season hard pack snow? It will get me to focus on my edge control and technique and jump-start the year.

This vow will also help me be better company and I plan on enjoying time with my ski buddies more. Each day, I have the choice to ski or not to ski, and having made the choice to ski, I am going to have a great day. Being with people who are having fun, acting like kids, riding into the sky to the top of a mountain and then skiing hard to the bottom should be smile-inducing.

So, take the vow. Lead your posse with your attitude and expect these results: phones put away, smiles all around, and fresh plans for the next ski day together.Join me, take the vow, inspire your crew to hit Loveland, A-Basin or Copper Mountain when they open, and lead them to make the first ski day this year, not just a Good Ski Day, but an excellent ski day.