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Signs of the Slopes Blog

Just like the streets of America, there are many signs to follow and obey at ski areas. These signs provide important information such as the difficultly level of the trails. Always be observant and aware of your surroundings and obey the signs of the slopes. Here are some of the basic signs that designate trail difficulty. 


Safety_Terrain_Sings copy.jpg

In addition to these signs, ski areas also post other important signs offering tips on how to ride the lifts safely, indicating trail closures and ski area boundaries, and slow skiing and snowboarding zones. Slow zones are high-traffic areas and are intended to slow skiers and snowboarders down when approaching a busy intersection or nearing lift-loading areas. Here are some samples of other signs you may encounter on the slopes.

  • Slow Ski Zones  
  • Lift Signs  
  • Trail Closed and Boundary Signs 
  • Freestyle Terrain Signs  
  • Other Warning Signs