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Seven Things Skiers and Riders Need To Know About Recreational Marijuana and Colorado Ski Resorts

CB No PuffinOn January 1, 2014, recreational marijuana becomes legal in Colorado. Nothing takes effect until January 1, 2014. Thats when amendment 64 becomes law.

Colorado will always be a safe place to ski. Safety is the number one priority of resorts. This is always the case. After January 1 Colorado will continue to be a family-friendly, safe-skiing destination.

No smoking in public. The new law does not allow smoking marijuana in public places. Public places include malls, sidewalks, stadiums, amusement parks, theaters and yes, ski resorts.

Ski resorts are public places. Every part of a ski resort is a public place. And by every part, that includes chairlifts, gondolas, lift lines, restrooms, parking lots, trails, woods, decks, patios, terrain parks, lodges, behind lodges, snow banks, behind snow banks, rental shops, bars, restaurants, plazas, etc.

Federal law does not allow smoking marijuana on federal land. Almost all ski areas in Colorado are on national forest land i.e. land that is owned by the federal government. Federal law forbids use of marijuana on federal land.

Cant smoke at a ski resort. Dont expect to be able to smoke marijuana at a ski resort in Colorado.

In Colorado it is unlawful to ski/ride when impaired. It is a violation of the Colorado Ski Safety Act to participate in skiing or snowboarding, or even to load a lift, while impaired by a controlled substance.

Enforcement may come in a variety of ways. Examples of include but are not limited to ski resort staff, local law enforcement, and the US Forest Service.

Here in Colorado there are a lot of wonderful ways to enjoy the mountains, but smoking marijuana at a ski resort is not one of them.