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Safety Sunday: Know How to Use the Lifts


Wolf Creek Ski Area

Know How to Use the Lifts

Having the knowledge and ability to safety ride the lifts is also a key tenet of the skier and snowboarder Responsibility Code. If youre not sure, its always o.k. to ask for help. Our lift attendants are friendly folks, and they are there to help. Also, be sure to read the signs. Instructions on how to board and ride safely are often posted near many ski area lifts.

Did you Know?

Did you know that here in Colorado knowing how to ride the lifts before hopping aboard is a state law? As the Ski Safety Act states:

No passenger shall board a passenger tramway (gondola or chairlift) if he or she does not have sufficient physical dexterity, ability, and knowledge to negotiate or use such facility safely or until such passenger has asked for and received information sufficient to enable him or her to use the equipment safely. A passenger is required to follow any written or verbal instructions that are given to him regarding the use of the passenger tramway.

For Parents

If your family is new to skiing and snowboarding, there are a many good reasons to sign up for lessons from a professional instructor. As your children progress, their lesson will include instructions on how to ride the ski area lifts safely. Parents skiing or snowboarding with young children should always be sure to ask the lift attendant s for help when boarding ski area lifts. Its always o.k. to ask for help. The lift attendants can slow down the lift, and get your little ones safely seated on the lift, so that you can focus on getting yourself safely onboard.

Chairlifts come in many different forms and are capable of carrying two, three, four, or even six people at a time. Be sure to know beforehand how many people the chairlift you are boarding can accommodate. And, if you cant all fit the young ones all on the same chairlift, ask a lift attendant to find a responsible adult to ride with them. If the chairlift is equipped with a bar, always lower it. Once on the lift, your child should sit back as far as possible. A helpful reminder is back-to-back, seat-to-seat. Younger children should be reminded to sit all the way back on the chair (back-to-back) and to keep their seat on the seat. Sit still, and absolutely no horseplay while riding the lifts!


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Other Rules for Lift Passengers

Colorados Ski Safety Act lists even more rules for anyone that rides the lift. Passengers can only board or exit the lift at the designated loading and unloading areas. There is an exception for emergency situations in which ski patrol help evacuate passengers in the event of a lift stoppage. Also, it is against the law to throw items from the lift, to swing or ride the lift in a way that interferes with safe operation or engage in any type of conduct that could cause injury to other passengers or skiers and snowboarders.