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Response to Misleading article about the Colorado Ski Industry

Some of our readers may have seen the recent Denver Post series supposedly about ski safety and the industry here in Colorado. Below, James Moss of Recreation Law weighs in with his response.

The Denver Post wrote three articles starting Sunday March 17 and ran through March 19. The articles attempted to portray the ski industry in a negative light. To do that though it had to stretch and in several cases make up information to support the ideas.
The articles did not make me happy, more because they were so misleading. I wrote responses to those articles.

First Article March 17, 2013: Colorado system for investigating ski accidents raises concerns

Misleading article from the Denver Post about CO Ski areas; but also just plain wrong

I lost a lot of respect for the Denver Post today.

This is my review of an article titled Colorado system for investigating ski accidents raises concerns in the Denver Post Sunday March 17, 2013.
First of all, lets correct the article from a legal and factual standpoint!

When someone dies or is seriously injured on a Colorado ski slope, it is ski patrollers not trained police officers, sheriffs deputies or forest rangers who document and determine what happened.
This statement is false if you believe it says no one else can investigate. The statement is misleading in that it makes you think no one else investigates major accidents.

Read More:

Second Article March 18, 2013: Colorado ski industry enjoys protection from law, waivers

This is becoming a pain, Denver Post confusing irony and ironic.

Now the post is complaining about releases/waivers!

Here is the link to the Denver Post Ride the Rockies Waiver. See the Denver Post wants to protect itself with a waiver:

This is the link to the Denver Post Ride the Rockies volunteer manual which requires volunteers to sign a waiver:

Why am I giving you these? Because the second article in the Denver Post series about Colorado Ski areas complains about the Colorado Ski Industry using waivers. How the Denver Post can condemn waivers, while it uses waivers is at the least, interesting, better irony.


Third Article march 19, 2013: Colorado skiers die on groomed, blue runs after hitting trees

Response to the last misleading article by the Denver Post: What was the purpose of three days of Denver Post making things up about Colorado Ski Resorts?

The accomplishment was to put false information about ski resorts into the media stream.

The third and final installment of the Denver Post investigation (which in this case means reading their own newspapers and talking to a few people) into Colorado Ski Areas turned up very little.
First lets get back to where the newspaper made things up.

To see the complete article go to: