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Resorts Of Yesteryear Are Back On The Map

Resorts Of Yesteryear Are Back On The Map
lost resorts
The first Lost Resorts poster was printed in 1999. We’ve updated it, redesigned it and are printing it as we speak. Today’s Lost Resorts poster accounts for 169 Colorado ski areas including nearly 140 areas that were once in operation but are now gone.

The poster shows the location of resorts currently in business as well as town areas still operating. Updates to todays poster include finding one lost resort, the opening of a new resort and two resorts joining the lost.

How well do you know your ski-history facts?

What was the price of a season pass to Climax in 1936?
How many feet off the ground was the states first chairlift?
What percentage of terrain was rated most difficult at Hidden Valley?
Answers are below.

The poster documents the rise and fall of some of Colorados most storied ski areas whether they had three lifts or simply a rope-tow.

There is a state map on the poster which pinpoints the location of each resort. Underneath the map is a list of the 20 Most Memorable resorts and a few notes about each one. The remaining resorts are presented in chapters defined as Recently Lost, Long Ago and Long Long Ago and are also designated by location on the map.

CSCUSA is printing a limited number of the 2-foot by 3-foot posters and selling them for $19.99 each, plus shipping and handling. The posters go on sale starting today and are available through CSCUSAs website at or by calling 303-837-0793.

A: $10, 3-feet, 70%