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Putting Guest Service to the Test

I skied at Arapahoe Basin and Buttermilk this weekend and got first hand experience of the over-the-top guest service at our resorts here in Colorado Ski Country USA. I also learned that those years of college recreation might be starting to catch up with me as I can’t seem to remember anything anymore. Luckily, I’m willing to take one for the team so folks can learn from my mistakes. (Photo: Arapahoe Basin_Casey Day)

abasin spaghetti tracks 1.8.10_caseyday

Arapahoe Basin will rent kids coats for $10 a day. We were in the parking lot getting the kids dressed and we realized we forgot to bring their coats. We had lunch in the A-frame and decided to take a chance and see if the Lost and Found had any coats we could borrow. They didn’t, but the staff let us know that the sports shop rents them out. Just give them a credit card for deposit and pick the size you need. Return it before they close and rip up the receipt.

Rented Coats

Rented Coats

Lost & Found at Buttermilk has a nice selection. The next day we hit Buttermilk and I realized in the parking lot that I forgot to bring my ski coat. Looking to stretch the streak of good luck, I asked the ticket office if they rented coats. They don’t, but I strolled over to the Lost and Found and they had a nice selection of random outerwear pieces, one of which they graciously let me borrow for the day.

Buttermilk liftys are quick to help kids tangled in the lift. You can tell these guys know what they are doing. Buttermilk is often referred to as the learning mountain of the Aspen/Snowmass collection, so they see a lot of beginners and kids. The first lift ride up my 6year old was in the chair in front of me with his uncle. He had some trouble getting off the lift but the lift ops were right there to help him, including stopping the lift so he could untangle himself and his pole from the chair before rounding the wheel and heading back down the mountain. They were very sweet and attentive and calmed him down till I got there-then he had his meltdown.

Ask for directions and get a mountain tour. At the top of Buttermilk we asked a Mountain Host to point us in the direction of a particular run. Not only did he tell us how to get there, he showed us the way. He took off down the slope and like the Pied Piper, the kids fell in line and kept up right on his tails. He spent the entire morning taking us around the mountain showing us the secret hide-aways and fun kid stashes. The kids loved him and we all wanted to take him home and keep him.


Lift operators at Buttermilk will take care of dropped equipment. This time I was in the first chair and the rest of our group was behind me. The 3 year old, again, riding with the uncle, kicked off her ski at the 2nd tower after loading. At the top, I watched them unload and saw as her other ski popped off. And again, like a superhero in a comic book, the lift op appeared out of nowhere and faster than a speeding bullet he swooped in and snatched up the ski. He called the lift op at the bottom and they sent the other ski up.

Overall we had a great day at Buttermilk. Just hope theyll have us back.