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Powder Lover Seeks Powder Rider

The one thing about Colorado Ski Country, we’re not afraid to put ourselves out there.

“Small not-for-profit trade association seeks innovative Colorado ski brand. Must like progression of sport, posses mind blowing graphics, and provide unconditional performance.”

IMG_0035-1Over the summer, we found our perfect ski partner match, a company that “completes us”, and will make the 2009-10 season so much sweeter.

Icelantic-LogoIt is our pleasure to announce, after a brief courtship and commitment ceremony, our newest partner, Icelantic Boards. Earlier this month, Icelantic became the official ski partner of Colorado Ski Country USA and is a sponsor the popular Colorado Gems Program (see earlier blog post).

Icelantic is hailed in the 09-10 Freeskier Buyer’s Guide as “Once known for making short skis with crazy graphics, Icelantic continues to prove it’s the real deal by consistently increasing sales across the world, creating new models and continuing to innovate.”

Talk about finding our soul mate, just as Colorado Ski Country resorts are known for their commitment to providing premiere skiing experiences, Icelantic shares that same commitment by providing the highest quality skis, made in Colorado, which is why we are thrilled to partner with them. And they’re not just a ski manufacturer, we’re talking locally-made, hand crafted premium skis with eccentric, cutting edge graphics. Plus, underwriting the Gems Program in particular creates the perfect synergy, since the Colorado Gems ski areas and Icelantic represent home-grown Colorado at its finest.

Now come meet the extended family the 2009-10 line, Awaken Your Senses. In case you weren’t aware, there are five senses: touch, hear, taste, sight, and smell. Icelantic, believing that our senses are our vehicles and the driving forces that propel us to experience the world and craft our reality, designed this season’s line on each of the five senses.09-10 Lineup copy

De ‘Nollie is touch, a park ski for the most progressive riders.

The Pilgrim is hearing, a twin tip, highly stable and powerfully fun ski designed for hard pack and varied slopes.

The Nomad is taste and built for the explorer, the adventurer, the trekker and can handle anything and everything.

Sight is the Shaman. It balances the skier’s weight allowing a forward, powerful powder turn.

And lastly is the Scout, smell. Scout is ultra maneuverable, extremely stable and a high performance tool for any skier.

And there you have it. Now let the snow fall and the honeymoon begin.