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Photo Quiz: Guess What

It’s Colorado Ski Country USA Photo Quiz time. Test your ski cred and see if you can ace the quiz. Winners get bragging rights on Colorado’s greatest skiing Facebook page, and never-ending glory.

Ready for the quiz? Here goes:

QUESTION: What is going on in this picture:

What's going on in this photo?

What's going on in this photo?

Multiple choices below:

A) Little Billy is about to faceplant while showing off for the cute girl in his ski school class at Eldora, Colorado.

B) The photographer’s equilibrium is in question after having a Bacon Bloody Mary with lunch at Apapahoe Basin, Colorado.

C) Little Billy is getting his shred on in the 22′ superpipe in Copper, Colorado.

D) Little Janie is dropping in to one of Colorado’s steepest runs, “The Heathen”, at Sunlight Mountain, Colorado.

Now study the picture and think long and hard about your answer. Post your guesses on Facebook, and when you’ve reached your decision, click here to see the answer.

Thanks for playing!

-Mountain Correspondent