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New Years Resolution: Get in Ski Shape and Stay There

New Year’s Resolution: Get in Ski Shape and Stay There
4_Instructor of the Year Richard Thorpe Receives Award from Olympian Gretchen Bleiler
Ski season may be in full swing but it’s never a bad time to consider how to prepare your body and mind for an awesome winter on the slopes. To help get in gear, we’ve gathered some tips from our resident Ski Instructor of the Year, Richard Thorpe of Telluride.
I have found that it is easier to stay in shape than to get out of shape and try to regain, says Thorpe, who makes exercise part of his daily routine. Trail running and mountain biking in and around Telluride help keep the ski instructor in great condition.
Whatever exercise I do, I try to make it fun, says Thorpe, If its fun, its easier to do.

Thorpe also uses yoga and Tai Chi to supplement his cardio training. Staying flexible has become a large part of my injury prevention program and it has worked! I also find that massage on a regular basis keeps muscles supple.

The first few days on the snow I try to take it easy, focusing on the fundamentals of good stance and balance, Thorpe advises, When I take the time to focus early on, it pays great dividends down the line, particularly later in the season when Im skiing our awesome High Alpine terrain here in Telluride!