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Mountain Trivia: Show us your Slope Smarts!

Where was this photo taken?* Where was this photo taken?*

Here’s a blog post we featured last year. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an enthusuastic skier or snowboarder, but how much so you really know about ski resorts in Colorado? Test yourself with some fun ski trivia.

If you want to be the King of the Mountain, you have to know your stuff. It’s not all about blazing fast and shredding hard or pulling tricks and looking super steazy doing them–though we’ll give you bonus points for that! The brains we protect under our helmets are the biggest assets you can take to the slopes.

We got to chat with the folks at the Ski & Snowboard Expo and put them to the ultimate test in slope smarts! The name of the game: ski safety and Ski Country trivia. Think you can earn a perfect score?

Start out here with a couple warm-up questions, and then watch this video to see how you size up to the competition.

1. Who owns the most acreage at ski areas?

2. What Colorado ski area is not on a Mountain?

3. What Colorado ski area boasts the highest skiable terrain in North America?

Thanks for playing!


1: We the people do, as over 99% of Colorado’s skiable acreage is on United States Forest Service land.

2: Powderhorn, on the Grand Mesa

3. Silverton, with a peak of 13,487′

*If you guessed Crested Butte, you’re correct. Photo credit: Aaron Blunk