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Moms Day Out at A-Basin: Top 10

This blog comes to CSCUSA from Amber Johnson, author of MileHighMamas.

Shortly after I got married, my husband bought me a ticket for Arapahoe Basin. Little did I know that would be the last time I would ski by myself.

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin

Fast-forward 10 years. Deadlines were met, kids were in school and fresh snow had fallen. I woke up on Monday and said, I am going skiing by myself. (Mothers everywhere will appreciate the significance of this statement). And what better resort to choose than the very first resort I skied after I moved to Denver?


Moms Day Out at A-Basin: Top 10

10. Lack of gear. Do you know how much energy it takes to wrangle four peoples gear for every ski trip? I set out a couple of snacks, my skis, gloves, pants and my prep work was done in two minutes flat.

9. The drive. A mid-week ski trip is glorious due to lack of ski traffic. Arapahoe Basin is a less than one hour from my house and just under 90 miles from downtown Denver. Bonus: No squabbling over music. I listened to my favorite song about 10 times in a row. My family would have thought this was a death sentence.

8. Car-to-slopes in 5 minutes. One of the great things about A-Basins Beach parking lot is the quick access to the base. I grabbed my skis, bought my lift ticket and was on the slopes in mere minutes. No bathroom breaks or searching for lost items.

7. No lines. Resorts are a whole different animal when you ski or ride mid-week. Not only were there no crowds but I rode every lift by myself, every time.

6. Solitude. Theres nothing quite like soaring up a chair lift on a snowy day, breathing in the brisk air and taking it all in. A-Basin offers a spectacular view of the Continental Divide and rumor has it from the top of the East Wall and the North Pole there are great views of Lake Dillon, Breckenridge, Keystone, Montezuma, and Loveland Pass.

5. Ski where and how fast you want. Though not all of A-Basins 960 acres were open, I found the best powder stashes off Lenawee Mountain Lift and loved exploring at my own pace. Fast. Then slow. Then, I think Ill take some pictures and no one can stop me.

4. Lunch. Tired and hungry? No one is there to dispute going in early for lunch at Black Mountain Lodge. Enjoy your burger without anyone swiping your delicious waffle fries. Oh, and stay as long as you want.


3. Snow. Clouds soon overtook the bluebird sky and snow started dumping late-morning. No sharing required–those powder stashes were all mine.

2. Ski season vow. Opening in late October and not closing until June, Arapahoe Basin boasts one of the longest seasons in North America. Ill be back.

1.Confession. But next time, Ill bring the kids and husband. Despite my stellar time, I missed them and realized I prefer skiing as a family. Tip: But dont ever tell em that.