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m.erry Christmas

As Colorado Ski Country’s holiday gift to you, we’ve launched our new mobile site, I’ve used it so much in just the beta format, now that it’s fully up and running, it’s one of the mobile sites I use the most. contains a wealth of up-to-date and breaking information on each of CSCUSA’s 22 member ski areas.CSCUSA Mobile Website on iPhone

It has many of the same elements of that you would expect, like the CSCUSA snow report in a clear and easy-to-read format. And, like, it links to our members’ sites, specifically their mobile site. And, there is a resort deals section, just like on

But it’s more than just the mobile version of Mobile users will find snow totals that can be sorted by resort. And, since it’s a mobile site, we added a feature that gives road conditions specific to the Colorado roads connecting to ski areas.CSCUSA Mobile Website Road Conditions

And this is something I’ve used a lot: the mobile site features contact information for each ski area’s information desk, lift ticket office, rental shop, and ski school. It always takes longer than anticipated to get out the door and get to ski school and having that number easy to find and use is key. Another cool function of is that it gives parking instructions for each resort-that way you don’t end up wasting valuable on-snow time driving around the base area.

Here’s another thing I love about it, has quick access to Twitter and Facebook postings from CSCUSA and its member resorts. Integration of social media to the site is perhaps its most unique attribute. Site users can click on a Twitter link that instantaneously displays the four most recent tweets from Colorado Ski Country USA. Other links to Twitter feeds directly from CSCUSA member resorts can give users up-to-the-minute information on whichever resort they may be visiting. The site also contains links to each resort’s Facebook page, allowing guests to friend the resort they are visiting.

While we’d like to take full credit for such a masterpiece, we did have some help in creating CSCUSA partnered with web-design and marketing firm Internet Honey, aka, the Honey Boys, to create the site. The company’s founder, R.A. Burrell, underscored the importance of the mobile site, explaining that recent research shows that there are now about 64 million mobile web users in the U.S. and that about one-fifth of adults in the country access the web from a mobile device for information on a daily basis.

So there you have it, our gift to you. No need to return the favor, just get out to the slopes and use it you can thank us later.