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Learn to Ski or Ride Month | No excuses

This is Learn to Ski or Ride Month, but the name can be misleading. It could just as easily be called something else, something like “Snowboarders, learn to ski too” or “Skiers, learn to snowboard”. They could call it “Learn to ski or ride better month”, since it’s a great chance to grab a deal on a lesson and brush up on your skills. But whatever it’s called, it’s a great excuse to get out and hit the slope for the first time, or just in a new way. Here’s why we don’t want to hear any excuses this year for not giving a new sport a try during Learn to Ski or Ride Month…

Learning to ski or ride isn’t just for kids, and it isn’t just for folks new to snow sports in general. Think of it as a new sport. If you’re a skier, snowboarding is a new sport, and one that you’ll probably be pretty good at pretty quickly. Vicey versey if you’re a snowboarder. If you used to ski but gave it up for some reason, then this month’s for you.

Learning to skiw with Santa in Wolf Creek

Grommets and Elves can learn to ski in Colorado

See all those groms? See the jolly old elf behind them? They’re learning to ski. But this month isn’t just for kids. It’s also for folks who are pretty darn good at one discipline, and are ready to add a new skill to their quiver.

Learning to ski in Colorado

Learning to ski is for kids, and big kids.

Sometimes people think you can only learn things like skiing ans snowboarding when you’re a kid, but that’s not true either. Heck, if you’re taking your kids to the mountain, you might as well get out there and give it a shot too, right? You can learn new computer software at work, you can learn how to play Angry Birds, so why can’t you learn to ski?

And if you’re afraid of falling, don’t be. For one, falling doesn’t hurt. It’s snow, and snow is soft. Falling is part of learning, and falling can even be fun. Here’s proof:

Learn to ski because falling doesn't hurt

He's smiling because he's learning

This month is a great time for deals too. Many Colorado ski resorts and ski areas are offering deals when you learn to ski or snowboard this January. So maybe you don’t learn to ski, maybe you learn to ski bumps, for example.

Learn to ski Bumps

Learn to ski bumps in Colorado

Really, Learn to Ski or Ride month is just a great reason to go ahead and do it. Stop putting it off – whether it’s signing your kid up for lessons, or biting the bullet and trying that new sport you’ve been meaning to try. They created a whole month to Learn to Ski and Ride, and we don’t want to hear any excuses.

-Mountain Correspondent