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Learn to Ski and Snowboard with the pros

This week’s blog comes from Telluride’s Richard Thorpe, resident Ski Instructor of the Year. Richard weighs in on the fun and excitement of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.

Learn to Ski and Snowboard with the pros

GGuscriora1011_Corduroy_Skiers (Photo courtesy of Telluride Ski Resort) “Skiing and snowboarding offer a type of sensory feedback or ‘grin factor’ unequalled in any other sport,” says Thorpe.

“Skiing is an opportunity to experience the force of gravity while effortlessly gliding down the most beautiful mountains in the world.

“Those that don’t ski or snowboard can marvel at the majesty of our mountains, while those that do, can use them as their playground. With the aid of a qualified instructor, one can begin to experience this pleasure very early in the learning process. You dont have to be an expert to enjoy what skiing and snowboarding has to offer.

“Skiing and snowboarding are great family activities that lead to lifelong fun and the opportunity to meet other like-minded families enjoying the experience. I hope to see you out there!”

-Richard Thorpe

Even if youve never been on skis or a board before, January is the perfect time to join pros like Richard on the slopes. Be prepared to get hooked!