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Keeping the Edge: Gear Maintenance

Theres nothing like feeling the G-forces of a true carve on a groomed run, or feeling like youre flying while floating on deep powder. And, theres nothing like getting smacked down onto a patch of ice when you cant hold an edge, or getting stuck on a catwalk because you have no wax. Its not you. Its your gear.

The tuning techs at Christy Sports have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to keep your skiis and boards in great shape. They have machines that can flatten your base and impart a solid structure. They have experts on hand who can manually sharpen your edges and coat your base with wax for the current snow conditions. We got to go behind the scenes to learn what’s the big deal about ski tuning?

Did you know that the Colorado snow is so dry that it actually creates a static charge? Adding a layer of graphite when your waxing can get rid of the static, so you don’t feel like you’re skiing on styrofoam.

Did you know that before you get out your bike for the summer and put your skis and boards away for the season, you should put a coat of storage wax on your base? If you forget, the base will oxidize and your skis and boards won’t be as fast and won’t be able to absorb wax as well.

Theres lots to learn if you want to get super techy, but the basics are fairly simple: keep your gear maintained, just like you would take care of your car. Your skis and boards wont run well if you dont keep them in shape. Whether you have tuning parties with your buddies, or take your equipment to the ski techs at Christy Sports, a fresh coat of wax and sharp edges will go a long way! See for yourself:

Keeping the Edge: Gear Maintenance from Colorado Ski Country USA on Vimeo.