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Jammy-Packin’ in Colorado Ski Country

Fashion and function are awkward bedfellows when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Some say that style trumps all – these folks can be seen at nearly any aprs spot, prominently displaying their brand name, slope-chic couture. Others claim that function is what matters, as evidenced by their devotion to cheap hardware store work gloves and the duct tape patches on their Gore-Tex. So which group is right? Style or substance? Fashion or function? Being seen, or being seen skiing? Colorado Ski Country USA’s Mountain Correspondent hit the slopes to find out…

Enter the JammyPack, the Colorado Ski Country USA team-issue Jammy Pack, that is. Yes, it’s a fanny pack. Yes, it’s white, and yes, it answers the age-old ski fashion questions we grapple with daily. Fanny-packs are dorky, yes. A white fanny pack is on-par with white tassel-loafers. But the JammyPack? Well, let’s just say it’s a little bit different:

Essentially the thing is a fanny pack with some ridiculously loud little speakers built-in. You just plug in your iPod or iPhone (or other knock-off brands for those who don’t drink Apple’s Kool-Aid) crank up the volume, and prepare to turn an ordinary ski day in to a nonstop dance party. No more yelling “Single” in the lift line, you’ll be beating potential [chairlift] partners off with your ski pole.

So we ask, fashion or function? The Colorado Ski Country USA JammyPack proves that even a fantastically dorky white fannypack guarantees its wearer a level of instant-cool, and undeniable ski cred.

Now, about those tassel-loafers…

-Mountain Correspondent