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How Well do you Know Colorado Ski Country? It’s Time for Ski Area TRIVIA!

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Everyone seems to have a little, okay a lot, of extra time on their hands recently. The COVID-19 Pandemic that has shut down our member ski areas since March 14, 2020, has left us feeling unsure, uneasy and truly, un-entertained. 

The Colorado Rockies provide us with so much entertainment throughout the year. From skiing and riding to mountain biking. From scenic chairlift rides to yoga. Check out our Winter Guide and our Summer Guide to see everything that our member ski areas have to offer yearround (and maybe find a hint for some the question(s) below).

There is really no better place to be. Of course, we’re a little bias to that opinion but you can’t tell us we’re completely wrong! (at least, we hope not..) 

Colorado Ski Country USA represents 23 ski areas in Colorado. Here are our member ski areas or as we like to say, our bragging rights. They are all unique. They all have their own history. They all have their own appeal and they all share a common theme: Skiing and Riding is King. Or Queen, whichever you’d prefer. 

Since we know that you love Colorado so much, we want to test your knowledge of our Colorado ski areas. Do you think you know them as well as we do? 

We have 23 member ski areas. So, we will have 23 questions. One question per ski area. If you’re following this in real time, the answer to a question will be answered the following day. 

Good luck! 

Question #1

In 2018, after a summer of serious forest fires in the area, this ski area offered fire fighters and first responders free skiing throughout the season.

Answer: Click Here

Question #2

This ski area is home to the oldest operating chairlift in Colorado, Little Hawk, which was installed in 1967.

Answer: Click here

Question #3

Since 2002, this ski area has hosted the Winter X Games. 

Answer: Click here

Question #4

This ski area is located on the world’s largest flat-top mountain.

Answer: Click here

Question #5

When this ski area opened in 1939, the only access to the top was via a tow rope powered by a Chevy engine, you can still ski the original run today.

Answer: Click here.

Question #6

You and your friends or company can rent this ski area for night skiing.

Answer: Click here

Question #7

This mountain is home to many tributes honoring past residents of the town including Hunter S. Thompson and John Denver

Answer: Click here. 

Question #8

This ski area is home to the highest lift-served restaurant in the United States

Answer: Click here.   

Question #9

This ski area has been named the #1 Ski Resort in the U.S. and Canada by Condé Nast a total of six times.

Answer: Click here.

Question #10

This is the oldest continually operating ski area in North America.

Answer: Click here.

Question #11

During the 2017-2018 season, this ski area welcomed its first high-speed quad chairlift, named after its longtime owner, Chet Upham

Answer: Click here.

Question #12

This ski area is home to a legendary bowl with hike-to terrain that tops out at 12,382 feet.

Answer: Click Here.

Question #13

This ski area has only one lift but offers access to 26,819 skiable acres

Answer: Click here.

Question #14

Previously, this ski area served as a Terrain Park only mountain and was a private ski race training facility.

Answer: Click here.

Question #15

This ski area was founded in 1942 by the men of the 10th Mountain Division and opened to the public after World War II

Answer: Click here. 

Question #16

This ski area has the only all-volunteer ski patrol in the state of Colorado.

Answer: Click here

Question #17

This ski area’s naturally divided terrain makes it easy to progress from the easiest terrain on the west side to intermediate terrain in the middle and more challenging terrain on the east side

Answer: Click here

Question #18

This ski area is the second-largest ski area in Colorado by acreage

Answer: Click here.

Question #19

This ski area is owned and operated by the city of Silverton and is walkable from the downtown

Answer: Click here

Question #20

This ski area operates the largest cat skiing operations in Colorado

Answer: Click here. 

Question #21

This ski area was the first in Colorado to introduce a snowcat food truck, the Taco Beast, which roams the mountain daily servings tacos and refreshments.

Answer: Click here

Question #22

This ski area is owned, and always has been, by the City of Denver

Answer: Click here. 

What Else? 

While you wait for the next answer check out our YouTube Channel. Again, slightly bias opinion here, but it’s pretty cool. Not a YouTube kind of person? Don’t worry you kind find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too. 

You want more?! 

Okay. Try and figure all of these out, then. 

Picture Game 0
CSCUSA Member Ski Area Riddle

Good luck trying to figure this out! This sheet of riddles was widely shared on our social platforms for the fun and joy it brought. A lot of people learned about new ski areas and some answered without pause. Can you name them all? Are you missing a few? Do you not know any? We’ll be honest, even some of our employees struggled to figure all of these out. Have fun!