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How one lucky group hit the President’s Day jackpot

By Master of Chaos, Steamboat Powdercats

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Oh my, what a holiday! After waking up and calling into the SteamboatSki Area and hearing their record breaking 27 report, you can only imagine how excited we were to get up on Buffalo Pass to test the goods and see if the “Fluffalo PassPhenomena” was in full affect. The FPP is where we get more!


We had a full load of folks, 3 private cats who booked this day in July. Theydefinitivelyhit the jackpot! Though we didnt have 27 at our cabin, the 19 we did get was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Everyone was in for the adventure and it was one.

It was certainly the deepest day that most of our guests have ever been in.