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Head to Toe Gift List – Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Children


Check out six holiday ideas for the littlest skiers and riders in your family

Looking for fun and practical gift ideas for your skiing and riding children? Here’s a list of six must-have items for families.

  1. Helmet covers – It’s not enough to wear a helmet these days; it’s about wearing a helmet that expresses personality and flair. In other words, kids love helmet covers that make them stand out on the slopes. Whether it’s a stuffed-animal tiger, Mohawk hairstyle, a princess hat (complete with streamers) or a rainbow-hued unicorn horn, there have never been more options for kids to show their individuality in the form of helmet covers.
  2. Ski and boot-carrier straps – Carrying one person’s ski or board gear is tiring enough. So it goes without saying that transporting a family’s worth of gear to the chair lift is not for the faint of heart, even if the resort provides gear wagons for transport. Instead of juggling several sets of equipment—typically via Mom and Dad—try a set of ingenious strap systems that clip onto skis, poles and boots, transforming them into a “bag” of sorts that can be slung over a shoulder—yes, even your child’s ski equipment will fit!
  3. Ski gloves WITH warmer pocket – It may sound simplistic, but don’t discount the importance of being able to zip a hand warmer into a glove. Sure, you can throw warmers into the plain-old variety. But my kids have often complained that the warmer gets in the way of gripping ski poles or feels too hot next to their skin, even with glove liners. Plus, there’s roughly a 100% chance your kid(s) will drop a warmer in the snow at least once during the day. Just save yourself the frustration and spring for the gloves with the built-in warmer pocket. 
  4. Adjustable-length ski poles – Perhaps my husband and I were late to the party with this discovery, but our minds were blown when we realized we could purchase a set of poles that would last for more than one season! We underestimated how quickly a child outgrows a standard pair of poles, so the extendable ones mean we haven’t had to purchase a new set for either of our boys in three ski seasons. Genius!
  5. Battery-heated socks – I’ll admit I’ve never bought a pair of these but am intrigued by the idea of not having to shove my kids’ feet+socks+footwarmer into a tight ski boot. In my brief online search, I could only find the adult version. But since my boys’ feet are now bigger than mine (ages 9 and 11), I think I’ll give these a whirl this holiday season!
  6. Hydration pack – Water is a necessity on the slopes, but bottles are often too bulky to carry in a pack or coat pocket. Instead, outfit each of your little shredders with their own hydration backpacks to wear throughout the day. Bonus tip: Kids should wear packs underneath coats, which not only helps keep the water from freezing in cold temperatures but also ensures the straps won’t get caught on the chairlift—a danger for even the savviest of skiers.