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Go Here Now: The Top Reasons to Ski (Powder!) at Wolf Creek

Jason Barber, Wolf Creek Ski Area

Jason Barber, Wolf Creek Ski Area

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Our friends at Curbed Ski are in the midst of an epic trip through southwest Colorado, seeking out some of the best ski conditions anyone has seen for a generation. Today, they’ll let you in on one of the state’s snowiest secrets: Wolf Creek Ski Area. As the first stop in their ultimate powder road trip, Wolf Creek sets the stage with fluffy pillow lines, lots of snow, and a laid-back vibe. We’re highlighting a few of Curbed Ski’s top ten reasons why you need to get your powder-loving bum to this local’s favorite, ASAP, so be sure to check out the rest of their coverage of this snowrider’s paradise.

2. It’s never crowded. On a recent Friday powder day, Curbed Ski tore up the double black Waterfall area off of the Alberta Lift and didn’t see another skier for 1 1/2 hours. Seriously. Weekends see a few more people, but Wolf Creek just doesn’t get the kind of crowds you get at Vail, Park City, or Mammoth.

I saw a crowd at Wolf Creek once. A pack of twenty Texans in their natural ski habitat, skiing straight down a blue/green run in their patented hybrid tuck/wedge. Remarkable.

4. The San Juan Mountains are gorgeous. There’s something different about these mountains. They look untouched by time and provide a jaw-dropping background for your ski day.

We agree. Here’s the evidence:

The San Juan Mountains, from Ridgway

The San Juan Mountains, from Ridgway

9. It’s a great place to learn. Powderhounds will love all the snow, but if you’re just learning how to ski, Wolf Creek is a good choice. Beginners can access the Nova Chair (the beginner lift) for only $23, and ski lessons are a good value too.

Throughout the season, Wolf Creek puts on a variety of special instructional clinics in addition to their regular ski school. It’s a great place to escape with friends and family of all skiing and snowboarding abilities.