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G5 in the Highland Bowl Renamed Hines-Sight in Honor of Gerald Hines

The G5 run in the Highland Bowl is officially being renamed Hines-Sight​ in honor of former Highlands Ski Area owner and longtime community member, Gerald Hines. Hines left an imprint on the mountain and developed the Highland’s base village. 

Hines was instrumental in guiding and supporting the investment in Highlands that began in the early 1990’s. Hines acquired Highlands from Harvard University which received the ski resort as a donation from the founder Whip Jones.  Hines supported the expansions into Deep Temerity and the Highland Bowl which delights skiers and snowboarders today. Hines merged the ski areas with Aspen Skiing Company in 1993 and focused on developing the base area.  

The legacy of Gerald Hines, who was passionate about skiing, Aspen and the Bowl, will live on through the new run Hines-Sight.